Saturday, 16 August 2014

WPIPS Camp Day 3

In the morning today we were all so tired we slept in to 8:00 when we were supposed to be having breakfast. Luckily there wasn’t any set time that we had to go to archery so we weren’t late or rushing around.

At the archery/mini golf place we split into 2 groups, one group was Michelle, Sophie, Amelia, Odette and Jen and the other group was Caro, Margie, Hugh, Lucila and Bonnie, even though Bonnie didn’t compete in Archery since she was dying (Bonnie’s own words).  After doing each activity we compared scores to find the winners, Caro won archery and Sophie won mini golf.

The day was very hot so when we got home we decided to try out all our new bathers in the ocean. We had a wonderful time splashing about and when we had our showers we nearly used up all the hot water. After our showers we had WPIPS 3rd Birthday Party! Caro went to the shops and bought an ice cream cake and everyone was begging for more.

Before dinner Jen, Odette and Amelia went on a bike ride to the house that Jen’s family rents every year, it took longer than expected and they ended up being late for dinner. In total they cycled around 14km. Bonnie and Lucila also went for a bit of a run before dinner, but they didn’t get that far because Lucila started feeling unwell, they still ran/walked 6km though.

Getting ready for the drive in was a bit of a rush because Lucila, Bonnie, Amelia, Odette and Jen all arrived the time we had to leave and they still had to eat dinner and get changed.

We arrived at the drive in with plenty of time, everyone loved the movie Epic, though some of the seating arrangements were a bit squishy. By the time everyone got back to the house we were all knackered and complained about having to do our diaries. However we still didn’t seem to go to sleep.

Friday, 4 October 2013

WPIPS Camp 2013 Day 2

This morning we woke up, not so bright, but fairly early, ready for a packed day of fun.

We then had breakfast, went for a run, and left for Cowaramup. 

Lucila and Bonnie on a morning walk
After we had bought our own supply of lollies and chocolate, we got to watch the honey-crunch being made and poured, and even got a free tasting, at the Candy Cow. 

Odette and Jen in the Candy Cow
With our sweet finds!
Isaac making honeycrunch
Yummy, fresh honeycrunch
You would think we’d never seen cows before, as we roamed the streets of Cowaramup posing on every cow statue! We had to leave the cows behind, and start our journey to Yallingup, taking a short detour to Gracetown. 
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Margie and a calf
Amelia, Odette and Jen resting on a cow
Posing on a cow outside the Candy Cow
Bonnie with her new best friend

Posing on the jetty at Gracetown

We had lunch before entering the maze. Inside the maze, we decided to have a competition where the first pair of buddies that found their way to each corner (1, 2, 3, 4) won. Is was a very close competition, between Bonnie and Margie, and Sophie and Amelia, but Bonnie and Margie won! Apparently Hugh and I were the biggest cheats, but I don’t believe them! By the time everyone else had finished, Odette and Jen still hadn’t found their way to the first point, but we all helped them and they finally finished. 
Yallingup Maze wristband

Lucila playing a game inside the maze cafe
Stuck in the maze!
Selfies in the maze
Our afternoon was quite simple, but still lots of fun, involving going shopping for bathers which we later got to show-off down at the beach. 
Bonnie in her new bikini
Feet in the sand
Beach selfies
Amelia strutting her stuff with her new swimsuit
Beach time - lots with new bathers!
Fun times on the beach

On our way to the jetty, we stopped to pick up our fish and chips. After we had eaten our dinner, we all walked the jetty and back. After awhile, we all decided to go on the big swing at the park, which wasn’t such a great idea. It was all lots of fun, until we had to go home all dizzy and sick. It all ended well, and when we got home we had showers, wrote in our diaries, and got to get a well deserved sleep.
At the end of the jetty!
All in all, a really great day! xx Lucila

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

WPIPS Camp 2013 Day 1

This morning we left Darkan at 9.30AM ready for the 3 hour drive. On our way to Busselton we stopped for lunch at the Donnybrook playground and met a very interesting little girl who told some amazing stories. Her name was Niamh and her stories blew us away, Bonnie even started crying from laughter. The saddest part was when Niamh started crying as we told her we had to leave. Then we were back on the road again!

Amelia, Odette, Jen and Bonnie on the swings

Lucila, Bonnie, Jen, Odette and Amelia on the (very uncomfy) hammock swing
Sophie, Maddison, Niamh, Jen, Hugh, Odette and Amelia on the swing

We soon came to the Yallingup Ngilgi Cave. It was AMAZING!!!!! Most of us got to slide down the tunnel of terror and refused to ever go back! We learnt lots about the cave, the history and how it was formed.
Going down into the cave
Michelle, Amelia, Bonnie and Lucila in the cave
Inside the cave
Jen and Lucila going down in the cave

Group photo in the cave
Cool lights were in the cave
We had to lie down and look up at all the crystals coming towards us

We then got a tour of the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse. We had great views from up top.

Views from the lighthouse
Everyone inside the lighthouse
On the way up to the lighthouse
The lighthouse

We arrived at the Busselton house and settled in well before everyone except for Sophie enjoyed yummy yummy pizza for dinner. We all wrote in our diaries listening to some pretty funky music and then tragically were made to share our opinion. The day/night finished with an awesome game of Balderdash that Lucila won! Grrrr just by a bit!!

LOL Heaps of fun!! xx Jen & Bonnie ;-)

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sports Carnival Part 2

Kirsty in spirit!
Yes... a long time waiting, but we finally have more pictures and details from the Sports Carnival back in October! And it turns out we had the pictures all along... if you would like to read the first post about the day, go here.

We had a really nice set-up on the day in a small shaded area with chairs for spectators, an energy station for competitors and a scoring station (thanks for keeping score, Caro!)

Very nice set-up with beautiful bunting and balloons to get in the spirit!
We made bunting especially for the day and it looked great strung up along with some balloons in the colours of the factions (it was a birthday celebration too after all!)

We had a really sweet "Energy Bay" set up to keep competitors (and spectators) going throughout the day. Our Energy Bay had a water dispenser with cups (don't you love them? They were a really cheap steal from IKEA and so colourful and convenient!)
The IKEA cups (we just recently used them again at the Quiz Night - definitely worth it!)
We wrote everyone's names on a cup too so that no-one got mixed up! (Though after over 6 months of wear and tear, now it's about time we re-write the names). Behind the water there was a whole lot of "energy" food ranging from fruit to biscuits and lollies that we could all pick on during the day. It was really easy because each family brought a plate or two to share so there was nothing to worry about! If we have another carnival this will definitely be something we will set up again... it really encourages everyone to stay hydrated and energised during the day!
Front view of the energy bay (water dispenser/cups in front, snacks behind, oh yes, and our logo!)
We got lots of pictures of the long jump...

Amelia gives it all she's got
Kirsty leaps with hope
Sophie flys herself into it
And Georgia does a good jump too!
Roger worked hard too, being our chief measuring man
If you remember the story about who we shared the birthday cake with, here is a before pic... (so pretty, not to mention yummy!)
And after...
We've still got one more post before we wrap up the Sports Carnival 2011, and that's with the team games. There's no guarantee as to when that post will be, but we're hoping as soon as possible! In the mean time a big thank-you to the following people as it couldn't have been possible without your help! To Miss Hooper/Mrs Mottershead and DPS for the use of their school oval, to staff and students at WPIPS for all the hours put in preparing and practising in the weeks before the event (and of course their efforts on the day) and to all the parents who helped out with jobs and with cheering on the day!

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Quiz Night

In true 80's style...
After many long weeks of preparation, last night we hosted our 2nd annual Quiz Night at WPIPS!
This year, the Quiz Night was bigger and better than ever before, with around 27 people rocking up for a real good time. The theme was the awesome years of the 1980's and we were very impressed to see so many people dressed up! The night started at around 6pm with 6 rounds and lots of novelty games to follow. Our fantastic Quiz Masters were Miss Lucila Kelly and Miss Amelia Gooding, who did a great job in the weeks leading up to the night, writing and preparing questions as well as saying questions on the night and working hard to mark answer sheets and keep the scoreboard up-to-date.

The judges - Amelia and Lucila
Amelia whilst announcing a question
There were 5 teams of hard-working question answerers. In fifth place, Team 1 (aka. 3JBS ) was made up of Jack, Bec, Stuart, Joseph and Jesse.

Team 1 had a great time
Team 3 (aka. Punk Rockers), came in 4th, and was made up of Vic, Alice, Sophie, Elijah and Georgia.
Team 3, without Sophie or Georgia
Pat, Roger, Bonnie, Kirsty and Les together made up Team 5 (aka. the Sods), who came in 3rd.

Team 5 working hard
In 2nd place from Team 4 (aka. Wham!) were Mrs Riley, Wendy, Caro, Geoff and Odette.

Team 4
And the winning team of the night, receiving a trophy passed on from last years champions, Amelia, Caro, Jesse and Jake, was .... Team 2 (aka. MWC), made up of Anne, Michelle, Matthew and Hugh!

Michelle and Anne hard at work
The winning team (without Anne)

The final scoreboard
Lucila about to award the trophy

The novelty games though were a huge hit, in particular the Sing-off in which Roger from Team 5 was crowned champion singer (some may wish to argue that point).  We also had a best dressed competition, with judges Vicki and Caro having a very difficult job, to decide who dressed up in the theme of the 80's the best! The winner in the end, was Alice, who was wearing authentic 80's clothes once worn by her mother! Alice received a chocolate bar for her great style!

Mrs Riley looked great too!
Sophie enjoying herself
We also had a chocolate raffle as we did last year raising funds for our events through the year and year books. Taking home first prize (big chocolate hamper) was Matthew Riley and second prize ($10 Rarebits voucher) went to Eli.

Another of many fun jokes and games through out the night we had a lucky seat winner. In this game one person from each table had unknowingly chosen a lucky seat at the start of the night. These lucky winners were Pat Kelly, Vicki Kelly, Averil Riley, Jack Riley and Matthew Riley (again).

Jack was stoked to have won a prize!
After an exhausting amount of games, there was still yet another one to come - the treasure hunt. In this game we had to find 10 items in less then 60 seconds. Each team was assigned a classroom and we had to find our objects in those rooms. As well as all of the games there was nibbles and drinks available through out the night.

Daddy/daughter ♥
It was all so much fun and we did not finish till 10 pm by which time everyone was very tired but very pleased with how the night went.
Proof of how tiring the night was
Now to start the clean up...

Love from the WPIPS Crew